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Your Experienced China Construction Partners...

engineering & development backed up by strong supply services

Atrillion is China Construction, Engineering & Supply

Atrillion is an international corporation always looking to further the growth of developing countries through advancing infrastructure. We specialize in supplying important products, equipment, materials and construction expertise to build and develop infrastructure.

Construction Management Services

Atrillion efficiently manages the construction of large housing projects, highways, roads, bridges and other urban structures. Utilizing Chinese engineering and construction equipment we create joint venture partnerships with local organizations to provide cost effective and well-managed solutions.
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Supplier of Products & Equipment from China

Our product and commodities supply division is a partnership we have formed called JJ Atrillion. This partnership was created to provide you with a dependable China products supply company managed by a team of international experts with years of import/export experience in Chinese products. Our partnership has created a service for you that you can trust to supply you with a very comprehensive range of equipment, tools, and products to prepare, construct, develop, and furnish properties - both residential and commercial. We want to equip you with the means you need for complete property and building development,
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Comprehensive Range of Products & Supplies

Through the JJ Atrillion partnership we can be your supply source for so many of your construction, property development, and furnishing needs. Our catalog of products ranges from construction equipment and materials to furniture, fixings and sanitary products. Our goal is to make your sourcing of everything you need to fully develop properties as simple as possible by being you one-stop supplier.
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Contact Us about Construction, Engineering & Chinese Products

Our team are ready to help you any way they can with advice, quotations and information relating to our construction and Chinese product supply services. We look forward to hearing from you soon!
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